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… we know all about sea freight

Whether it is a question of importing or exporting your goods, one of our core competencies is sea freight, including organisation and processing.

We have 

  • the whole range of various shipping options,
  • our comprehensive range of services including transportation, customs clearance, customs warehousing, warehousing, packing, unpacking and lots more,
  • and the cumulative expert knowledge of our skilled and motivated team

available for you.

We have good relations with professional shipping companies going back many years that ensure the quality of our services is guaranteed.


…we know all about airfreight

In order to ensure the best quality of service for your cargo in the air too, we set up our own airfreight department over ten years ago which is based in Düsseldorf. From there SOLI-TRANS Speditions GmbH organises worldwide air freight on charter and scheduled flights as an IATA Cargo Agent.

Our airfreight specialists are highly qualified experts who ensure that your goods conquer the airways because …

the sky is the only ocean that reaches every port!

Our colleagues in Dusseldorf are of course also very familiar with all other transport modes, routes and means.

Please contact our Dusseldorf team directly; they are looking forward to hearing from you!


…we know all about ordinary cargo and the extraordinary 

From simple general cargo transportation to customised transport solutions for oversized industrial plant, machinery, machine parts, vehicles, power station equipment, generators and lots more, our experts will accept any logistical challenge and find the ideal solution for you!

Our staff is competent in handling demanding logistics projects by road, by sea and in the air. Our team is on the spot internationally, from precise project planning, organisation and execution, packaging fit for transportation and all the necessary work and monitoring stages. You are of course always kept up to date with the current status of your assignment in the process.

You can discover more in our projects.